Can i get high from percocet

30. ledna 2012 v 17:28

Most people start snorting after they can no longer get a high taking them. I know that's what I did. Get your friend help!!! . Can You Smoke Percocet?
I think that I was fully 'high' (though 'dreamy' is a better word) . I couldn't escape the fact that if I didn't get my constant percocet fixes, .
People Can i get high from percocet often abuse prescription drugs, such as percocet, to get high. Sometimes they chew them up and they also snort these drugs. Others si. view more.
. there is no other Can i get high from percocet way to get percocet but to buy it . Now that my doc knows me well and that I am not looking to get high, . If you can get by on half a .
Best Answer:
Can you get high off one percocet if you snort it? ChaCha Answer: I would not know if you could get high off of one percocet as I hav.
Anyone who abuses Percocet to get high for more than a couple of weeks (whether or not the medication is legitimately prescribed for pain) .
Where Can I Buy Percocet Online, No Prescription Percocet, Percocet Drugs, . how to get high on percocet which will be seen of teens shooting up heroin. .
Get High - Drugs: A User's Guide . They can also be extremely hard to get your hands on, . will ex still work if you take percocet
Best Answer: where's my beer pill popper. . Umm YA you can. Listen if you get addicted to painkillers such as percocet, oxycontin whatever you will have .
. percocet before and the reason i started snorting them is because when i would take it as a normal pill it wouldnt get me high . percocet pill? Can .
I dislocated my knee and was given some by the doctor. They only made me sleepy. What
Can you

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